What to Look for in a Caregiver

Entrusting someone to care for your loved one can feel like an overwhelming task. Thanks to Home Care Assistance for sharing this helpful article on ‘7 Best Qualities to Look for in a Great Professional Caregiver.’ Check it out by clicking the picture below! #seniorcare #caregiving #assistedliving

Tips and Techniques for Transferring a Senior

As a caregiver, professionally or for a loved one, it is important to learn how to safely move someone around the house or out of the car. Home Care Assistance posted a great article with ’10 Tips for Proper Transferring Technique’. Check it out at the link below! #seniorcare #homecare    https://homecareassistance.com/blog/tips-for-proper-transferring-technique 

Financial and Lifestyle Concierge

Whether you’re moving, taking on the care of a loved one, or just want to organize your life, a financial and lifestyle consultant can be a fantastic resource! Thanks to Judith Heft & Associates for sharing the great new services her company now offers. Check out their services at the link below.  https://judithheft.com/lifestyle-concierge/