Our Services

At O’Brien Care Management we strive to help with all aspect of the care process. We will provide comprehensive care management planning, for both short term and long term needs. We provide supervision, recruitment, interviews, background and reference checks on all employees the family wishes to hire. Our team has vast experience within the medical industry and can provide a skilled nursing oversight, with specialties in psychiatric, geriatric, and developmental disability challenges. If you are looking for help in any of the following areas, send us a message below or contact us directly at  sheila.obrien@obriencaremanagement.com

Exploring Senior Living Options

Finding that next place to live can be stressful for both our client's and their loved ones. Over the many years we have been working in the senior communities, we have gained first hand knowledge of what they have to offer, pricing structures and which ones would be the best fit for our customers.

Home Safety Evaluation

More accidents in the home with the elderly population than anywhere else. We provide a thorough home evaluation, as well as ways of implementing any home improvements, if necessary.

General Assessment

The way to begin any of our services is with an assessment. Before engaging in care we use many years of nursing experience to evaluate our client's current condition. This assessment provides a comprehensive overview of a client's general health and health care needs. Our recommendations from the assessment then become the care plan that can be utilized to improve the patients overall quality of life.

Medication Management

Managing medications properly is of paramount importance to the health and well-being of our clients. We will provide on going medication oversight whenever needed or requested.

On Going Care Management

Many clients and families request that their care manager visit them on an ongoing basis. This is an optimum way of utilizing the most benefits that one can obtain from care management. The care manager develops a keen awareness of the client and can observe for and intervene when problems arrive. Working closely with a client allows the care manager to familiarize themselves with the clients nuances and unique needs.

And so much more...

We pride ourselves in providing concierge level service to each and everyone of our clients and their loved ones. We have a keen understanding that no two situations are alike and never try to force services that are not directly related to the needs of the individual person.